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BEIKS Español Libros de Frases Parlante Colección para BlackBerry
Spanish to English, German, French and Italian talking phrase books bundle at a discounted price!

BlackBerry® Java® powered

Current version: 6.1 (revision history)
System requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.2 and higher
Verified to work on:

We aim at supporting all BlackBerry devices in use.

If your device was recently announced we likely support it too even if it is not listed here!

Owners of 7xxx and other older series models may contact BEIKS to obtain appropriate build for their devices.

* BlackBerry 8100 series (8110, 8120 etc.)

* BlackBerry 8300 series (8310,8320,8330)

* BlackBerry 8700 series

* BlackBerry 8500 series (BlackBerry 8520)

* BlackBerry 8800 (8810, 8820, 8830, etc.)

* BlackBerry 9000 aka BlackBerry Bold

* For BlackBerry Storm support ( 9500, 9530, 9550 models) please see description 

* Latest BlackBerry 8900, BlackBerry 9630 and BlackBerry 9700
Required memory: 8.01 MB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
BEIKS Español Libros de Frases Parlante Colección para BlackBerry


or, if you already tried and liked it, then


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Si es usted un viajero frecuente mundial ó solo visitante esporádico de vacaciones, ¡seguramente apreciará la ayuda que le otorgarán nuestros libros de frases parlantes!

Spanish Phrasebooks Bundle Spanish to English Spanish to Italian Spanish to German Spanish to French

La colección contiene todos los libros de frases parlantes a un precio realmente atractivo.

Contiene los siguientes libros:


  • Cada libro de frases contiene 256 frases esenciales organizadas en 14 categorías

  • Audio con la pronunciación de cada frase

  • El audio es realizado por actores en vivo

  • Formato amigable EXE de instalación automática para usuarios de Windows®, o archivos de instalación comprimidos en formato ZIP para plataforma múltiple

Requerimientos técnicos

  • BlackBerry OS 4.2 o mayor

  • El tamaño promedio de cada archivo de lenguaje es un poco mayor de 2 Mb; los archivos pueden ser colocados y utilizados desde tarjetas de memoria externas


  • No hay descarga de prueba para todo el paquete de idiomas; la descarga es dirigida a la versión de prueba de [cada uno de los libros de frases parlantes individuales|uno de los cuatro libros de frases parlantes]

  • Antes de realizar su compra, considere descargar e instalar la versión de prueba para asegurarse que la funcionalidad parlante funcione en su dispositivo, especialmente si éste no se menciona en la lista de requerimientos técnicos


Downloadable evaluation version is not available for this product.

If you believe this to be an error, please report it to BEIKS.

Current owners may always log-in to the MyStuff zone and download or re-download the dictionary at no extra charge.

Installation instructions (when installing through a desktop companion)

Below are the commonly asked questions about installing software and using on BlackBerry:

Q. Your application is not showing in the Application Loader's list of applications.
A. The most common reason for this problem is that Desktop Manager is missing the System Handheld Software that complements it and allows it to properly install 3rd party applications. Sometimes the Desktop Manager itself may also need to be updated to its latest version. See the third question below.

You may also want to try and add the application manually through the "Add..." button in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You will need to locate and specify its ALX file, which is a description file containing the list of all files that need to be installed. It is called ALX because of its extensions, which is ".ALX"; its full name will vary depending on the application being installed.

Q. BlackBerry Desktop Manager returns "No additional applications designed for your handheld were found" error when trying to manually add an application (an ALX file).
A. This used to be a problem in older Desktop Manager versions. It was caused by lack of BlackBerry System Handheld Software on the desktop side. BlackBerry Desktop 4.7 and higher automatically download the necessary System Handheld Software so you should not be seeing this error anymore.

Q. When I run Application Loader and go to the "Handheld Application Selection" screen as per your instructions, there are only your applications / there are no applications listed there.
A. Same as above - download and install both the latest Desktop Manager and the System Handheld Software for your phone model.

Q. What is "System Handheld Software" and where do I find it?
A. Desktop Manager 4.7 and later takes care of installing it for you.
    For reference purposes, you can find an answer to this question at this page.

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