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BEIKS LexSpell Spell Checker for BlackBerry
Revision history
  Version 2.7 - 1 March 2011 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.6 version distributive;
Version 2.6 - 18 March 2010 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.5 version distributive;
  • New: Separate build for BlackBerry Storm devices taking advantage of the device's unique features;
  • New: proofing added to SMS and MMS composer forms;
  • New: a new word list with medical terms complementing the existing language databases - BlackBerry is apparently BIG in the medical field!;
  • New: requires BlackBerry OS version 4.2.1 or higher;
  • Fix: Improved integration with other applications;
  • Fix: Improved navigation;
Version 2.4 - 18 February 2009 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.3 version distributive;
  • Fixed bug in word selection;
  • Ability to stop the spelling check process at any time;
  • Integrated with BEIKS Dictionary Reader;
Version 2.3 - 08.07.08 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.2 version distributive
  • Bug in proofing words ending with full stop fixed
Version 2.2 - 06.18.08 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.1 version distributive
  • Adds support for proofing in all available email accounts
  • Adds an option to suppres the "No proofing errors" message when no errors were found
Version 2.1 - 01.16.08 (free upgrade)
  • Replaces the expired 2.0 version; no functionality of any kind has been removed
  • Adds automatic proofing for outgoing emails for registered users; look for the new option in the Integration Options screen available through the main menu; only registered and enterprise users will see the new feature (they paid for it, after all)
Version 2.0 - 05.10.07
  • Support for BlackBerry 8800
  • Now proofing the email subject as well
  • Allows multiple word lists, e.g. English and French or English and specialized extensions (medical, business etc.) lexicons
  • Word lists now available for French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Instant submission of email upon successful proofing
  • English lexicons improvements
  • Interface improvements
  • Enterprise licensing improvements, including standartized pricing
Version 1.45 - 04.04.07
  • Keyboard input helper in registration code field removed to provide compliance with SureType keyboards
  • Updated icon
  • Removed background color in registration field screen
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