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InterType for BlackBerry smart phones

InterType is a software application which allows you to enter text in languages not readily available as keyboard layouts for your BlackBerry such as Russian, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian and others.

InterType for BlackBerry
  • Allows text entry in most built-in BlackBerry applications

  • Text entry in 3rd party apps require OS 4.7 and higher

  • Small, easy to install and remove and safe to use

  • Usually offers several different layouts per language

  • Free, fully functional downloads for evaluation purposes

Please take a minute to read the requirements and limitations sections before downloading!

Application requirements

InterType will work on any BlackBerry device using OS version 4.2.1 or higher. That includes (but is not limited to) the Curve, the Bold, the Storm, the Tour and hopefully the devices that come afterwards.

InterType requires that the BlackBerry OS already has basic support for the language you want to be able to type in. Specifically it should be able to properly display messages and web pages written in that language.

InterType does not install additional fonts. BlackBerries are surprisingly good at arriving preloaded with fonts supporting wide range of languages and alphabets, yet they do not come ready to display every single language out there just yet.

Rule of thumb is if you can read emails and web pages in your language InterType can help with keyboard extension for that language.

Desktop downloads
 Direct downloads
The easiest way to install an InterType keyboard extension for your BlackBerry is to point the BlackBerry browser to

Find the InterType page, choose the language you prefer and you should be up and running in no time!

We recommend to mark the "Set permissions" checkbox when downloading and set all permissions to "Allow".

Application limitations

  • InterType will not enhance the device's abilities with anything other than the ability take text in that language - through the keyboard or by other means. It will not, for example, provide proper sorting of names written in that language in Address Book, or provide proofing services for that languages or anything else that you might expect from a localization application.
    It is not a localization application, but barely a text-entry enhancement.
  • InterType does not enhance the built-in keyboard layouts nor does it use the built-in keyboard layout mechanism to take input. Instead, it uses its own technology, which requires different invocation and, unfortunately, is subject to additional limitations.

  • InterType uses an application's ability to interact with other applications in order to supply it with the text that user has entered. Some application forms can take such input and others for whatever reason can not. For example, you can use InterType to enter text into the email composer, but you can't use it to quick search among Address Book entries. It has to do with the way Address Book application is optimized for quick search and optimal user experience.
    Again, some text fields will simply not take text from other applications and there is hardly anything InterType can do about it. The best you can do is hope or ask the application developer to allow other applications to send text there.

  • Sending short messages (SMS) in a language that is not based on the Latin alphabet may or may not be possible with your device.

    SMS standard was enhanced to allow sending messages written in alphabets other than Latin through the introduction of a standard called UCS-2.

    This standard imposes certain limitations, i.e. cutting the message size down to 70 characters instead of the standard 140 characters for Latin SMS message.

    BlackBerries are capable to send messages using UCS-2, however certain carriers explicitly prohibit this ability, for whatever reasons they have.

    To see if your carrier has enabled using UCS-2 and to switch to it you must check in the global SMS settings options as shown to the right.

    If you do not see such an option, then you are out of luck.
    BlackBerry SMS configurations in global Options application

Downloading and installing InterType for BlackBerry

BEIKS highly recommends that you download and install InterType directly from our site to your BlackBerry. You can do this by pointing the BlackBerry's browser to our mobile web site ( should also do):

Downloading InterTyoe for BlackBerry Downloading InterType for BlackBerry Downloading InterType for BlackBerry Downloading InterType for BlackBerry
1. Launch the Browser from
the main launcher screen
2. In the browser, click the wheel /
the Menu button to open Menu
3. Choose the "Go To..." menu
Note the lack of www prefix!

Once there, you will easily find InterType for BlackBerry. Downloading should be a snap.

We recommend that you bookmark There are other other useful apps for your BlackBerry there.

Desktop distributives and language specific information can be found through the links in the "Desktop downloads" section in the upper right corner of this page.

Purchasing and activation

To avoid misunderstandings, waste of time and other possible confusion we strongly recommend that you download and evaluate InterType prior to purchasing a license.

Downloading InterType is free.

There is a trial period during which you are free to evaluate the application's unlimited functionality. You will be reminded every time when you use it about how many days you can continue the trial.

Upon expiration of that period you will be asked to purchase and activate the application; otherwise it will not work.

You can purchase through a desktop computer or directly through the BlackBerry; either way is equally good.

Licenses are purchased per device and do not have time limit within the application version. In other words this is not a subscription - you pay only once and application will work indefinitely on the same device.

If you change your devices you will need to transfer that license; see our support page for details.

Once the order is in place you can hit the "Already purchased" button on the activation reminder screen; the program will attempt to contact our site to confirm that a valid license is indeed available for the device on which it is running.

If for whatever reason the automated license verification fails you will be prompted to manually enter an activation key. This key is supplied via email upon purchasing a license.

BEIKS reserves the right to make any changes in its licensing, distribution and pricing policy for unregistered users, at any time and without prior notifications!

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