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How to install
phrase books

to a BlackBerry
media card
via BEIKS'
Most popular dictionaries for BlackBerry


Using BeFTP to wirelessly download phrase books to a BlackBerry media card
An illustrated guide

Starting with model 8100 aka the BlackBerry Pearl all new BlackBerry smart phone models allow expanding the storage capacity with a media card.

The card is meant to hold large data files such as images, audio and video, e-books, dictionaries etc.

BlackBerry applications capable of accessing the card can then make use of those files.

Starting with version 6 the BEIKS talking phrase books for BlackBerry can do just that.

Unfortunately, the BlackBerry does not provide an easy way to download files to the storage card; the built-in browser can downloading ring tones, MP3s, images and videos, but that's all it can handle and even they have size limitations.

What about the e-books, dictionaries, phrase books or whatever other type of data one may want to download?

BEIKS' BeFTP expands BlackBerry's capabilities by letting users download files of arbitrary type and size to the media card.

This manual is meant to show you how to use BeFTP to download phrase books for BEIKS Phrase Book Viewer to the card.


  1. A BlackBerry phone with installed and formatted media card with at least 2-3 MB free space on it (the more the better).
    You can check if the inserted card is recognized by the device by going to the "Media" icon from the main launcher, then hitting the Menu button and choosing "Explore".

    A new window should come up, showing 3 or more folders; one of them should be "Media Card".
  2. Both BeFTP 2.0 (or later) and BEIKS Phrase Books Viewer 6.1 (or later) must be already installed on the device; it does not matter if they were installed wirelessly or through a desktop.

    Note: BeFTP 2.0 makes it easy to download files by letting you transfer all remote files in one step; BeFTP 1 only allows transferring one file at a time.

Getting down to business

I. Starting BeFTP
1) Start BeFTP from the main application launcher. On some devices the icon may be under a folder called "Applications" instead in the main launcher view: 2) Select and hit "Continue" in the registration reminder screen. You are granted a limited free license to use BeFTP for downloading files from the BEIKS FTP site. 3) The main BeFTP screen shows up:
II. Ensuring there is a directory/folder for the dictionaries on the media card
1) Highlight the "Browse local files" menu in BeFTP and click to enter it. A new window will appear, listing the available storages. Select and click "SDCard". 2) One or more folders should appear under "SDCard". Select and click the one called "BlackBerry" to enter it. 3) If you see a folder called "BEIKS" enter it and move on to 4).
Otherwise pull the menu, choose "New Folder...", type "BEIKS" and click the ball to create and enter the folder.
4) Unless you see a "PhraseBooks" folder under "SDCard/BlackBerry/BEIKS/" pull the menu again and create it:
5) You are done when you see the "SDCard/BlackBerry/BEIKS/PhraseBooks/" folder.
There might be other folders and files as well.

All downloaded phrase book files must go in this folder.

III. Downloading content to the BlackBerry's media card designated folder

1) Choose "Open BEIKS Public FTP" from the main BeFTP menu. You should shortly see the BEIKS FTP server's  root (BeFTP 1.x shows "public" folder name).
If you encounter a problem look here.

2) Enter the "public" folder (if you see one), then the "BlackBerry" folder by highlighting and clicking.
You should see something like this:
(BeFTP 1.x display may differ a bit)
3) Enter the "PhraseBooks" folder, then the one representing the exact or closest lower version of the BEIKS Phrase Book Viewer version on your device. As of Aug 2008 this is version 6.1:

4) You should see a long list of phrase books, each represented by a folder. Locate, highlight and click to enter the one you want to download.

5) Highlight the first file in the list and pull the menu. BeFTP 2 lets you download all files at once, where with BeFTP 1 they have to go one by one. 6) If this is the first time you navigate the local storage you will see the below picture. Otherwise you will see the last visited folder.
7) You must navigate to the "/BlackBerry/BEIKS/PhraseBooks/" folder in the "/SDCard/" device storage.
When ready, pull the menu and choose "Download here..." as shown:
8) The download should start and a progress should be displayed. Upon completion you should again see the remote folder contents just as before starting the download.
If you had used BeFTP 1 and had only downloaded a single file then you must repeat the procedure again for the other file from the phrase book.

  Well this is it! Once you have all dictionary files transferred from the BEIKS FTP server to the local "/BlackBerry/BEIKS/PhraseBooks/" folder you are good to go - the BEIKS Dictionary Viewer should be able to find them there.

 The process is not as easy as it should be and we are working to improve it.

  Remember you can also use a regular desktop to browse the media card contents and copy files there. You could, for example, download the files via regular desktop, then create the required target folder (directory) and move the files there.

  BeFTP is only an instrument for moving files from an FTP file server to the BlackBerry media card.

What do you want do do now?